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Fake Call

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Get best application to make fake call to avoid any unwanted situation .
Easy excuse to get out of meetings and other awkward situations!

You can send call to yourself from other person contact & pretend you have an important call & you can come out of the room while receiving fake incoming call.
Best way to excuse from unwanted person.
The most professional and beautiful fake caller app in Android Market!
Fake a Phone Call with Fake Caller Id and fake phone calls free app to get out of anything you want to.
How to Use the app:
Set Phone from any of the contact gallery or enter private name and number.
2. Select the time to receive Prank Call and wait for the important fake call after set time interval.
3. Show your friends that you received an important call. Take the fake call with voice and receive your phone call with your ringtone. Surely your friend will not guess that he is being fooled by you.
4. Answer the phone as if you are answering a real phone call and talk.

Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, unwanted person .
Want to Fake yourself out of conversation and get out? Fake Call will help you to pretend an important call that you can`t miss.

Suggest your friends to use this app also to avoid such kind of situation.
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